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I Was Old-Fashioned / 僕は古い人間だった

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I confess that I was too old-fashioned when I handled files on my Mac. 

How could anyone be old-fashioned to handle the files? My opinion is this: if you make some categorized directories under your home directory, e.g. home, business, etc., and make subcategories, e.g. kitchen, budget, etc., then you are old-fashioned. Categorizing things is what Yahoo! did ages ago, and we are in Google era for many years.

Google doesn’t categorize things. Instead, they tag things. Powerful search engine makes possible for us to access what we are really looking for. Tags are very useful tools in this search engine era. On the other hand, deep directories seem to be slowly dying.

To confess, I used to set up deep directories over 20 years. For example, under my home directory, I once created Documents/Art/2011/Polyphony/… Now I have Documents/Polyphony 2011 #active #art instead. The directory set-up became flat, and hash tags were added.

The built-in search engine Spotlight of the Mac (Windows users can install Google desktop search and will be as happy as Mac users) quickly list up all active art projects for me thanks to the hash tags. (I know the recent filesystems including Mac’s support metadata, but I need to push these tags to some cloud storages.)

And, here is a bonus if you are using DropBox and Nozbe. The Nozbe task management service automatically scans your DropBox directories and lists up the files under the directories containing the task name, if you enabled. In short, this is the far better version of Lotus Notes.

Believe in search engines and step into the new world.

Hint: this flat directory approach has a drawback. It will be a little bit harder to browse all subdirectories under the big Documents directory. I insert 26 empty directories whose names are single alphabets. These directories work as separators.


どういうことかというと,僕はホームディレクトリの下にカテゴリごとにフォルダを作って,更にその下にサブカテゴリのフォルダを作っていた.階層はもっと深いこともあった.でもこれって昔の Yahoo! スタイルだよね.僕達はもう何年もGoogleスタイルに慣れているのに.

MacにビルトインされているSpotlightサーチエンジンとか,Windowsなら Google Desktop とかを使えば,僕達はもっと幸せになれると思う.もうディープな階層分けはやめて,Documentsの下にどかんとフォルダを並べておこう.フォルダ名にハッシュタグを混ぜておくと,検索しやすくて便利だ.(Macのファイルシステムはメタデータを使えるけれど,すべてのクラウドストレージが対応しているわけじゃない.ハッシュタグならユニバーサルだ.)

もしDropBoxNozbeを使っていたら,さらにいいことがある.Nozbeはタスク名から関連するファイルを自動的に引っ張ってきてくれるんだ.ああ,つまり,現代版 Lotus Notes だ.


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